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How to be a supportive friend and what not to say when your friend loses her pregnancy

The road to motherhood is different for every woman and filled with uncertainties. Sometimes this journey ends in a miscarriage or stillbirth. Losing a pregnancy before 20 weeks is termed a miscarriage, while a pregnancy loss after 20 weeks is termed a stillbirth. I am a mom of 2 and a registered nurse. I have not experienced pregnancy loss, but as a healthcare professional I have helped many patients and loved ones through this difficult journey. Each time, I have learned to be a better friend, listener, and advocate.

I do realize this is a very emotional subject, but I want to educate us all  based on a poll I created on my instagram page stylishmom_nurse. I decided  that we start the discussion on what to say and what not to say to woman who has experienced pregnancy loss.

It is very important to remember that every woman’s pregnancy loss and emotions will vary so please be patient as she deals with it.

I love to talk in scenarios so that it makes it relatable. So, say  you have a friend, let us call her Mel who just miscarried at 12 weeks and she posts it on social media or maybe she calls or texts you, there are some things you should try to avoid telling her.

  1. Please do not tell her that it is God’s will even if she is religious. That comes off as very insensitive.
  2. Do not tell her she will do fine because you also had a miscarriage. Remember it is not about you !!!
  3. Please do not say, “ You are still young and have more time.”
  4. “ At least you have other kids, some people do not even have any kids” Don’t let this even cross your mind okkk???
  5. “Stop stressing and working too much next time” Excuse me, are you really blaming her?? That is heartless!!
  6. “ At least you are young, you can always have another one. Some people are not lucky”


  1. Listen if you do not know what to say. Your presence will speak volumes. If you cannot think of anything just be there.
  2. Offer to take her for a walk ,ride, do their laundry, babysit if they have other kids, bring her some meals instead of just saying what can I do for you? Offering direct actions can bring some relief to her.
  3. If you are comfortable, offer a hug and shoulder for her to cry on.

I hope you found this blog piece helpful. I cannot wait to read and answer your comments. Don’t forget to subscribe on my blog!


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BAYADA Homecare Nursing

As a young girl living in Ghana, West Africa, I watched family members keep older relatives at home until they passed away. These older relatives were well taken care of and happy. I also see the same happiness among the older people in the United States who were taken care of in their homes.Therefore, nursing provided in the home is something I strongly hold close to my heart. The comfort, familiarity, and independence in one’s own home is something that if possible should not be parted away with. It however takes caring, professional, and culturally competent nursing staff to efficiently address these needs.


Nursing is one field that offers so many opportunities to its workers. Home health care nursing is one avenue that can be flexible for new nurses, working parents, nurses going back to school, and nurses needing either part-time or fulltime positions. You, as the nurse, get to create bonds with your client as they have your undivided attention. The cost of home care is also considerably cheaper than being in a hospital and provides a much more holistic and calming environment. As a nurse who has worked in different aspects of nursing, I will recommend it for my loved ones because I want them to be close to the memories they have created over the years and close to their loved ones.


There are several options for home care in the state of Minnesota, however I personally believe BAYADA Home Health Care offers a topnotch, patient-centered approach that not only cares for its clients, but also its nurses. The Minnesota division is dedicated to caring for young adults, so nurses can build a special, long-term relationship with their patients as they help them live as physically and socially active lives as possible, unlike other in-home nursing career options that may only focus on infants or the elderly. Minnesotan nurses have many choices and it’s important to have an employer who values your time, education, and commitment to care.

Our state boasts of exceptional nursing education so why not match it with an exceptional employer? Are you still wondering if home care is right for you? Well consider BAYADA if you want an employer who listens, hones your leadership skills, provides ongoing nursing education, as well as competitive compensation and benefits. Fill out an online application and join the BAYADA team if you are a nurse looking to work in Minnesota.

As a stylish mom and nurse, it probably helps that I get to also rock a lovely BAYADA custom-made nursing work bag where I can put all my nursing supplies. Do you know how excited I was when I received this work bag? BAYADA designed the bag using feedback from team members to make their lives easier–it’s one of the ways BAYADA cares about its employees. I want you to also get stylish while you bring smiles to the BAYADA clients. Don’t you agree?


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Popped Up Shopping at Organica


Organica is a local pop up shop located in the Mall Of America in front of the Apple Computer store. There are a variety of soothing naturally made goodies; from essential oils, pain relief ointments, diffusers, and naturally handmade soaps made by a local vendor, Wandering Goods from Portland, Oregon.

The owner of this local relaxing pop up shop, Suzanne is very approachable and knowledgeable about her products. She will allow you to try different samples as well as guide you if you are having difficulties finding the right gift for either yourself or your loved ones.

suze and 1

The Traumica Pain Relief Formula is one of her fast selling products. Working in healthcare and in particular bedside nursing where we use a lot of man power, this product sparked my interest. There is nothing more soothing than being relaxed after a long day on your feet at work.

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This shop is very personalized and authentic with the different array of products which will help relax you and keep you feeling energized and stylish for your next outing or staycation. Try something new if you have never tried naturally made soaps which helps with different skin problems and relax in a dark room filled with soothing music and essential oils from a diffuser!

Support this local business if you are in Minnesota  and are passing through the Mall of America and tell Suzanne that I sent you over and you will be on the extra extra nice list. These are some of the lovely products at this shop: