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Hello ladies, this is my first post of the year and wanted to share about this goal, being financially secure. Most of us enjoy the ability to purchase great gifts, clothes, etc. However, are we fully preparing ourselves for the future?


There are so many ways we can create savings that we are unaware of. The best thing you can ever arm yourself with is being financially secure and independent. One of my goals is increasing my contributions to my retirement and to my savings. I also think it is a great idea to meet with a financial advisor to discuss your financial portfolio and invest in both local and international stocks. Granted we are not knowledgeable about financial terms, 2019 should be the year of fully investigating and securing our financial future.

With respect to credit cards, pay it off and stop paying minimum payments. Why are you making someone rich while you are drowning in debt? As hard as it may sound, let us cut our coat according to our size.


Keeping a budget is one step to decreasing your total expenditure. You have to write down your essential needs and allocate money to those categories. You also have to stick to your budget and forgo unessential. Do you really need a new purse, shoe, or jacket when you have massive student debt, credit card debt, and unexpected emergency waiting to happen? This sounds scary and to some you might want to shrug it off.
You get a step closer to financial freedom when you start paying off your debt and saving up for the future. A well-planned financial future does not mean a perfect finance, but it cultivates healthier relationship with money.

I cannot wait to read your comments!

What! Pink TAX?

Ever heard of the dreaded pink tax? I had not heard about the pink tax until a few years ago, but I did not know what it was and how it applied to me. It was not until I kept complaining and hearing other women complain about how they felt they were being cheated at the auto mechanic shop or had any home maintenance works. Each woman will explain either how cheaper it was when they had a male relative, friend, or significant other around when those same services were utilized.

In one of those conversation, one friend said this was due to the “pink tax!!” I wondered its meaning. She went on to explain the extra charge women have occurred since birth from toys, accessories to dry cleaning, clothing, personal supplies, and auto services. I decided to research my local store and was appalled at the increased prices of merchandise marketed to females. I was paying extra for choosing the pick razor, the lemon scented deodorant, and the Japanese blossom hand lotion. I then looked at my dry-cleaning bill and realized I paid extra than my husband. I also continue paying more for the out keep of my daughter than my son. This is not right!! Why???
The easiest thing is to say that we should all purchase male versions of products; however, it just feeds into the marketers ploy to make women settle. What happened to choices? I should be able to smell like a fruit or basic if I so decide.


A pink tax might seem harmless or a tard costly, however in both developed and  developing countries a pink tax is putting an extra financial toll on women who lack financial resources to keep themselves clean and happy. Sanitary towels and tampons are necessities and should not be marketed as a luxury to women who have to resort to rugs and unwanted sexual advances.
Let us start by calling out manufacturers who are not unfriendly on our wallets and our gender and talk to our elected officials about how to combat the pink tax. I also know you are going to be scrutinizing the shopping aisle from now on.
Pink tax…screw it!

Rejection sucks!

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The word rejection is a word that is a negative word that most of us do not want to deal with,but is there a way to create positivity around it?

‘’No” “Not this time around” “I regret to…” “Sorry” 

Hello sister, how do you take rejection? 

Do you cry your eyes out? Do you feel like a loser,hopeless,rejected?” “Why me?”

You literally turn on your television, check your Instagram, Facebook, or your email, see another amazing news and you wonder why it was not you? Sometimes, you internalize it so much you wonder what your freaking worth is!!!

Then you turn on the radio and a sappy love song is playing and you really wonder what why nothing seems to go well with you. You wait religiously with no call back regarding an audition or a job. Life must truly suck! Rejection ugh! You call your friends and they go on and on about their perfect lives!!! Why you??

As hard as rejection is, have you wondered how another person has felt when you got a promotion, received your clean bill of health, or even got invited to a party? Rejection is a part of life which we will all face at different points in our lives. As a woman who juggles so many roles, rejection has allowed me to think creatively outside the box and made me a fighter who a times sheds a tear. Rejection has also brought me closer to people I never knew I could draw my strength from. Yes, despite  how I may feel, it has pushed me to think how I can make my situation better.

Rejection does not make you worthless and a failure. I hope you can rise above it and be surrounded by positive people who will allow you to cry, talk, and eventually push you to be the best you can ever be. Motivational books can also be a great tool in encouraging your about the weakness and strength of others who overcame rejection.

How are you feeling about that sister? Break a leg and be extraordinary! Smile like you do not care!!!


Shades of Beauty

Am I beautiful enough? Am I worth it? They laughed at me because I was dark, albino, because I had acne, because I was skinny, fat, bald, flat chested, busty, hairy, because I did not fit in.

These are some snippets of stories that I have heard speaking to girls and women in my day to day interactions when I have brought up the topic of beauty. As a woman I can totally relate, and I have cried and emoted my feelings with some of you  in accepting what true beauty is. Our color, our hair, our hips, our height, etc should not be the measure of our self-worth and beauty.
Why bleach your beautiful skin or subject it to surgery to look like somebody else? I want my sisters reading this to feel beautiful each day. Wake up each day glowing like a queen and smelling like your best perfume even after you hit the gym, chase your kids, or after a long day at work!

This is why being nominated as one of finalist for Shades of Beauty Expo in Minnesota 2018 is an honor and a celebration for every woman. Yes!!! I see you in me and hope I represent both your struggles and strength! Just like some of you reading there were times I doubted my beauty and felt I had to look and think a certain way. I love every part of me both inner and outer and I walk confidently. I am grateful for believing in me and allowing me to use my platform to inspire women of all shades of beauty to explore and redefine what true beauty is; self love!

I will love to interact, laugh, and of course take pictures with you all celebrating our shades of beauty because we are all truly beautiful on Aug 11, 2018 at the St Paul River Center.

I love to hear your comments!


The Power Of A Strong Network

How powerful is your network?
I will love to read your comments so we can continue this chat
Dress: Soprano Clothing at Nordstrom Rack
Jewelry: Fair Anita
Makeup: Mac Cosmetics
Styled: StylishMomNurse

I know my worth, how about you?

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It’s been a while readers and I cannot wait to share with you what I have been preparing for you all. I have been connecting with different people from all walks of life. I have learned so much and obviously enjoyed the camaraderie. This has also allowed me to learn more, made new friendships, and helped me embrace my role as an influencer while enjoying different eateries in Minnesota  lol (I love good food!!!).
What does it mean to be an influencer? To most people, it means having a super enormous following or being a famous celebrity. However, I am reminded about the true meaning of an influencer by my parents who etched it into me that if I am able to impact one person with my deeds and words, I have influenced a village. I remember asking why and they went on to inform me the power of word of mouth by that individual.

This is powerful and encourages me to be an ambassador for women and young girls who a times feel they do not have the power to change their situations due to circumstances in their lives. We sometimes crave for belonging by being connected to groups, people, or a career in the hopes of being an influencer when our uniqueness, struggles, and eventually our untapped strengths needs to be resurrected.
Yes, resurrected because we are all influencers in our own right and it up to you to elevate yourself and know your worth. I cannot stress self-evaluating yourself and writing the little positive vibes you emit to your community. Your worth is not measured by your bank account, your friends, relationship status, or even your career!
What small steps do you plan on taking to positively influence those around you?

Dress: Miranda Konstantinidou

Necklace: Laurie Luehmann

Boutique: Dugo

Headpiece: Karen Morris Millinery

Photographer: Shutterkat

Boss Lady Style


Have you ever wondered if your fashion taste  can have an effect on how you are perceived by your colleagues or strangers you encounter? Well, it does and it can either be to your advantage or your disadvantage.

Personally, first impressions count, therefore use each encounter outside your home to shine and be in boss lady style mode. Whether you work in corporate where you obviously choose what kind of professional clothes, a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, or a fitness instructor you can still be stylish. This means,  do not conform to boring styles that everyone is wearing.

Try to incorporate a bit of your personality in what you wear. If you love bright colors, you can try  colorful bracelets, necklaces, blouses or  pants. If you are a black woman with natural hair, instead of wearing a boring wig, you  can  wear your hair in braids, corn rows, an afro wig, or try other protective styling. There are also scarves and headgear options too.Hair bands, extensions, or flowers are other fun ways to style your hair no matter you cultural or socioeconomic background.

For those of you who work in professions where you are uniformed,you are probably thinking that you cannot show your boss lady style. This is quite the contrary! Guess what? You are equipped with many fashionable weapons to strike with lol. Your shoes can be your fashion statement.

You have  unlimited fun and stylish shoe options from clogs to sneakers. I am all about clogs with style! Your watch, Fitbit, stethoscope, lab coat can be your fashion statement. For those of you who have to cover your heads  such as in the operating room or wear head covering for religious purposes, there are amazing fashionable and colorful surgical caps and hijabs  to wear. There is always a way to show up in style while looking professional.

No matter where you work , try these tips as you step out ready to rule like a boss lady :

  1. Make sure your clothes are well pressed
  2. Invest in some good shoes
  3. Invest in a quality work bag
  4. Wear shoes that fit
  5. Practice good personal hygiene
  6. Treat yourself to a spa occasionally
  7. Walk with your head held high

Outfit  by dugo         Photography by e.l. photography

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