She has the money!

The enlightened series…

Hello ladies, this is my first post of the year and wanted to share about this goal, being financially secure. Most of us enjoy the ability to purchase great gifts, clothes, etc. However, are we fully preparing ourselves for the future?


There are so many ways we can create savings that we are unaware of. The best thing you can ever arm yourself with is being financially secure and independent. One of my goals is increasing my contributions to my retirement and to my savings. I also think it is a great idea to meet with a financial advisor to discuss your financial portfolio and invest in both local and international stocks. Granted we are not knowledgeable about financial terms, 2019 should be the year of fully investigating and securing our financial future.

With respect to credit cards, pay it off and stop paying minimum payments. Why are you making someone rich while you are drowning in debt? As hard as it may sound, let us cut our coat according to our size.


Keeping a budget is one step to decreasing your total expenditure. You have to write down your essential needs and allocate money to those categories. You also have to stick to your budget and forgo unessential. Do you really need a new purse, shoe, or jacket when you have massive student debt, credit card debt, and unexpected emergency waiting to happen? This sounds scary and to some you might want to shrug it off.
You get a step closer to financial freedom when you start paying off your debt and saving up for the future. A well-planned financial future does not mean a perfect finance, but it cultivates healthier relationship with money.

I cannot wait to read your comments!

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