To hustle or not???#ceolife

For most of us, a paycheck is used even before it is deposited in your bank account. Lol!! This is the reason some of us get creative and find ways to save up, get side hustles and save up some more. I live with the motto that I learned from my dad that “Work hard when you have dark hair, aka when young so that you can relax when you are older.” This means the blood of hustling has been instilled in me from when I was young. I also tend to rock with other women hustlers who are driven and stylish!


I was that kid who had a piggy bank and saved while my siblings will go buy candy lol. Yes siblings if you are reading, your big sis just told on you hahahaha!! Anyway as I got older, I received a bachelor’s degree in nursing, but never forgot my creative side and use that as my side hustle. For those of you reading my blog for the first time, I grew up in Ghana, West Africa before moving to the USA more than a decade ago. I was that kid who had exotic dreams and believed I could do anything I set my mind to.


My side hustle as a model and blogger has allowed me to get rid of my fear of rejections and given me the courage to market and believe in myself. When I receive my check and see the finished work, it gives me the extra confidence to believe in my hustle. I also constantly see how people who look like me are not represented more in the media and I wonder what kind of role models my kids and other little kids will see. Will they have to wonder if they are worthy to be in the creative world? The side hustle belongs to all no matter your color, height, or socio economic background. A times I wonder why do people of color like me constantly have to fight to get noticed? I really appreciate my agencies,family,friends and community who see my worth!


I know so many times people are scared to take that leap of faith because they want everything certain. However, hustlers are risk takers and I believe you need to take some risks in order to make it. Yep, that means there will be many low points when you wonder why you are doing it, why people want to under value your craft, and when your time will come!!!Ding ding ding dong!!! Do you need an alcoholic beverage or some tea/coffee yet?? Lol…The struggle hehehe. Keep the hustle on because even if you have not received your limelight, there are side fans or critics who are either secretly rooting for you or waiting for you to fall flat. Now are you still feeling that you need to keep your hustle going??Inspired? Connect with me on your next project! Comment below

Model Photography :Lucy Stange

3 thoughts on “To hustle or not???#ceolife”

  1. Hi Stephanie! I just read your blog and I am so excited to talk and SHARE with you ! You have a lot I can relate to in regards to our passions and our WHYS!

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  2. Thank you Julie, I am looking forward to our meeting and getting some boss girl moves rolling in!


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