Changing the face of beauty!!!

I have been blogging on this page for a little over a month and would like to throw a little more insight into my world and what I stand for. My name is Stefanie and I am originally from Ghana, West Africa and I have quite a fascinating accent because I have lived away from Ghana for more than a decade. I get teased about my accent from my Ghana people because I apparently sound American lol. Let me sip on some champagne y’all!lol

Writing has always been my way to pour out my innermost thoughts, struggles, and aspirations. Writing has allowed me to be creative and I want to use it to inspire people especially immigrants, women of color, mothers like myself who wake up each day with dreams of hope! Like myself, I know you work hard each day in your many roles to put food on the table, to inspire your children and or community, and are role models. My mission is changing the face of beauty and showing you how to walk that path with your inner and outer beauty!


My path has led me to be walking example of beauty and intelligence as I work as a Registered Nurse with over 7 years of experience. My background is ICU/Cardiac Telemetry/Perianesthesia. My role as a registered nurse allows me to be a patient advocate, a teacher, a comforter and most times a patient listener to patients who are very lonely and need someone to hear them. I also represent a minute representation of diversity in the registered nurse profession in the United States. According to the Modern Health (2016) report, less than 25 % of Registered Nurses in the United States of America are minority nurses;not Caucasian. I therefore walk in the shoes of a role model and inspire countless of young women and men of color who never thought about a career in the medical field.


As a model, I also represent a minute representation of people of color. This is one of the reasons I decided to be vulnerable and get into the commercial fashion industry in Minnesota. I went in fully aware of the possibility of rejections, but that has not stopped me from securing fashion jobs with established names and local fashion houses. I will continue to work harder and make my mark because everyday I hear personal stories from family, friends and their daughters who are teased because of the color of their skin and hair texture, colleagues who are unaware of their beauty,  community members who have been labelled as beautiful based on their weight. They raise their head high because they see someone like them changing the face of beauty. These lovely pictures are from the Holiday Party at FGI-MSP EVENT of which I am a proud member.I am dying to hear your comments.


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